Available Courses

Achieving Your Goals Workshop

Want to level-up your 2024 by setting yourself realistic and achievable goals whilst learning how to manifest these using crystals, EFT, meditation, subliminals and so much more?! Join me for a live workshop on New Year’s Day and receive a digital workbook, bespoke subliminal and a guided meditation all for the amazing price of just £30!


Manifesting Money Masterclass - 6 Week Course

Learn how to successfully attract prosperity, abundance and wealth in every area of your life by removing your limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. Split into 25 individual lessons, this course is filled with exercises, hints and tips to help you inject cash flow and live your best possible life.


31 Days of Gratitude - Challenge

Want to supercharge and strengthen your gratitude process?

Elevate your manifestation power in this 31 day gratitude process, all you need is a notepad and pen! Each day you'll listen to a 5 minute private podcast episode and be asked thought provoking questions, or given exercises to do for the remainder of the day!


Manifest with Mart - Community Membership

Every New Moon I'll be going live within the private community space and each month will focus on a certain area of manifestation. You'll be provided with tips and tricks to manifest your individual goals as a collective energy as well as being held accountable daily with challenges, live meditation and EFT practices.


Manifestation Mindset Mentoring - Programme

As a manifestation mentor, I offer a unique and empowering partnership that will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and help you manifest your dreams into reality. Work with me 1:1 as we discover your true potential over 3 months face to face or by video call! We'll work together to help you achieve your best possible life and smash those goals!


Crystal Masterclass - Course

This course is split into 6 modules across 15 lessons and is perfect for anyone starting out and wanting to learn more about crystals and their uses. 

The masterclass covers things such as how to choose a crystal, cleansing and setting intentions, how to use them, affirmations, healing properties and benefits and much more.


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